Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Angel in the Shadows by Lisa Grace Book Excerpt

"Megan, when you look at me, what do you see?" "You glow." I can't look at him as I say this ; it sounds so strange.
"Do you see anyone else who a -- glows?"
I look out at the lake, everything is so beautiful, "No."
I voice the only explanation I can think of that isn't supernatural, "Mr. Z. is there something wrong with you? Are you dying?" Tears are welling up in my eyes. I take a deep breath and will myself not to get emotional. That must be the reason. Nothing else makes sense.
He chuckles, "No. But let me ask the questions. You'll get your chance in a minute. When did you first notice?"
"Last year."
"Have you told anyone, discussed this with anyone?"
"No. Except last year, when we were around the campfire, I mentioned you look like an angel. The kids teased me so I never mentioned it again."
"Am I shining now?"
I look up at him. He's looking at me, waiting for an answer, "Yes."
Now I'm getting scared. I'm afraid of what Mr. Z. is going to say next. I sense my world is changing, the same way water becomes an ice cube. It's still H2O, in a different form.
"Well you're right; you're not imagining things. Some people I can't hide from. Those that have the gift. Like you." He looks me in the eye.
"Megan -- what do you think I am?"
I can't breathe. This is the moment where I expand. I whisper, "An angel."
"My name is Zadok."
Suddenly, his brightness arises. I see wings. I see his glory. He is beautiful. He is air. He is real. I am small and earthy next to this heavenly angel. Zadok cloaks himself once again in his human form. Unbelievably, no one else in camp seems to have noticed. I am changed. I am more. I am afraid.
"Megan, I am a messenger of God. I'm here to do what He wants. You have the gift of seeing spiritual beings, that's why you can see me. If you can see me, you will also be able to see others. The good, and the bad."
"Others? The bad?" I'm still in shock. I can't think.
"It's in the Bible, Megan. We're in there. We are at war with the forces of darkness, even on a beautiful day like today. When the evil ones notice you, and they will, you and your loved ones are going to be targets. You need to be prepared. They will come after you. You are in danger. You have eight days to ask me questions.; you have the responsibility of free will. You can choose to fight evil or join the devil and his angels."

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